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Mission Statement



To Develop Educational Programs and Memorial Expansion Concepts so that current and future generations appreciate and understand the dedication and sacrifices of veterans and the cost of freedom.


The following educational activities are available or are currently being planned:


  •   School Opportunities


  Field trips to the memorial emphasizing flag etiquette

 and respect for the flag


  Veteran speakers can be made available for school

  events  (Veterans Day/Memorial Day)




2014 School Visit Schedule:

As of January 2014:

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
Snow Hill Middle School
Pocomoke Middle School
Berlin Intermediate School

In the fall we plan to have a field trip for Worcester Preparatory School


  •   Community Outreach Opportunities


  •   Scouting Projects and assistance


  •   Veteran speakers for participation with Civic organizations

 Representatives of all services are available for meetings

  and special events


  • Library displays and information


  •       Veterans Day Observances at the Memorial


  •      Memorial Day Observances at the Memorial     

Requests for utilization or participation in the above events can be made by Contacting Chairman Ed Little VIA US Mail at; Worcester County Veterans Memorial, P.O. Box 1576, Ocean Pines, MD 21811 or VIA email at or by calling  703-780-0209.     




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