Preserving Remembrance


The Worcester County Veterans Memorial at Ocean Pines was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 30, 2005.Built from seed money from the Ocean Pines 35th Anniversary Celebration in 2003, from donations from local businesses and individuals and through the sale of bricks and paver, this has been a grass roots campaign.Located on the South Gate Pond of Ocean Pines, Maryland, it is easily visible from the main road on Rt. 589 (Racetrack Road) The memorial is open seven days a week, and is lighted for evening viewing.


Mission Statement



It is the mission of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial Foundation, Inc. to create and maintain, in perpetuity, a suitable memorial to honor and preserve the unselfish contributions to the security and freedom of our country by the men and women of our military services.


Any American who has served and defended our country in war or peace, from the Revolutionary War to present day, is invited to be memorialized through the purchase of a brick or paver at the memorial. Servicemen who have given the “last full measure of devotion”, are recognized with a * next to their name.


Lest we forget….the Foundation of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial has made a pledge to honor all veterans on Memorial Day and Veterans Day with planned ceremonies. Flag Day and 9-11 will also being remembered by other organizations at the Memorial. You are also invited to host a private ceremony in honor of your loved veteran. Private flag raisings can be arranged.


So that our children learn that freedom is not free…the Foundation, through our education and community outreach committee, has committed to provide educational opportunities, materials and/or speakers for the schoolchildren in Worcester County for Memorial and Veterans Day. The Foundation also encourages group tours to the memorial and will provide a speaker if requested.


Preserving remembrance…Every soldier has a story…and the Foundation is currently undertaking the writing of a book that will tell the tales of those who fought for our freedom. This book will be available for purchase in May of 2006. For a preview “chapter” of the book, click here.


Memorial Day, 2005 was a very special day. Over 3,000 attended the Dedication Ceremony of the Memorial that featured a flag first flown over the shores of Normandy, France in 2004, and once again on the shores of Ocean Pines, Maryland.



  In the words of the Master of Ceremonies and Army veteran,

  Dan Stachurski:




We have created together, here, today, a very special place.


It is a place where a veteran, like myself, can come when it’s time to find relief from the memories each veteran carries, because, in this place, we are all brothers and sisters and know that we can share our fears, our laughter, and even our tears without shame.


It is a place to come when we need to strengthen our resolve by drawing on that pool of courage which rests here.


It is a place where we can remember those members of our family and friends who heard the call to defend their country and answered that call.


And it is a place where we can teach our children the meaning of three immortal words:duty, honor, country.


This is a very special place.Take from it what you need, leave in it what you must, and remember whenever you glance this way that this hallowed ground represents the best each of us carries within ourselves.


Come. Enjoy this special place.Now.And whenever you wish to visit in the days ahead.This place belongs to us all.


Some things happen by accident, and some things are destined to happen. Perhaps the creation of the Worcester County Veterans Memorial in Ocean Pines is a little of both.


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